The following Word documents contain the overhead transparencies used in class. These are also available in the course notebook.

Computer Slides Used In Class

Table for the Standard Normal Distribution

Useful Commands in Excel 2003 for Regression

Instructions for Precision Tree

Section 1: Probability Concepts

Section 2: Estimation and Sampling Distributions

Section 3: Estimating the Regression Line

Section 4: IBM/S&P 500 Example

Section 5: Relationship Between e and e

Section 6: Multiple Linear Regression

Section 7: Specification Bias

Section 8: Modeling Nonlinear Relationships

Section 9: Interpreting and Estimating Var(e)

Section 10: Explanatory Power of the Regression

Section 11: Dummy Variables

Section 12: Outliers

Section 13: Graphical Diagnostic Tests for the Regression Assumptions

Section 14: Sampling Distribution for b

Section 15: Hypothesis Testing in a Regression Model

Section 16: Prediction in a Regression Model

Section 17: Forecasting Time Series Data - Modeling Seasonality

Section 18: Modeling a Time Series With Increasing Volatility

Section 19: Decision Making Under Uncertainty

Section 20: Expected Value of Perfect Information

Section 21: Expected Value of Imperfect Information

Section 22: Expected Value of Imperfect Information - Hawthorne case