Prabhudev Konana, PhD

Thanks for visiting my website. I am the past Chairman of the Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management in the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin. I joined the McCombs in fall 1995 after graduating with a PhD and an MBA from the University of Arizona, Tucson in 1995 and 1991, respectively.  I have an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India.

I love teaching and take pride in my numerous teaching awards. I am fortunate to receive the University of Texas Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award in 2011 and being inducted into UT’s Academy of Distinguished Teachers in 2003. More recently, the 2011 and 2012 graduating classes of MBA-Dallas Program selected me as the most outstanding professor.  Since 2007, I have been consistently selected every spring semester to the Faculty Honor Roll by the Undergraduate Business School.  Most recent classes taught:

  1. a)Strategies for Networked Economy (MBA)

  2. b)Introduction to Information Technology Management (BHP301H)

  3. c)Emerging Economies and Implications for the US (Plan II class)

I enjoy my research related to analyzing the value of social networks, global sourcing, and business value of IT. The paper I co-authored on Competition among Virtual Communities and User Valuation received the best paper award from the prestigious Information Systems Research journal. My research has been supported by numerous research grants. I am also a recipient of NSF CAREER Award.

I enjoy writing on social and political issues to popular English Daily in India.  These are some of the articles:

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Department of Information, Risk, and Operations Management

William H.Seay Centennial Professor

University Distinguished Teaching Professor

Contact Information:

email: Prabhudev.konana[at]

phone: 512-471-5219