Jonathan B. Cohn


Associate Professor of Finance

McCombs School of Business

The University of Texas at Austin





Contact information
Office: CBA 6.248
Phone: 512-232-6827

McCombs School of Business

The University of Texas at Austin

2110 Speedway Stop - B6600

Austin, TX 78712

Curriculum Vitae      


Accepted and Published Papers
Quasi-Insider Shareholder Activism: Corporate Governance at the Periphery of Control || with Mitch Towner and Aazam Virani || February 2023
Review of Corporate Finance Studies, accepted

Count (and Count-Like) Data in Finance || with Zack Liu and Malcolm Wardlaw
Journal of Financial Economics, 2022, 146(2):529-551

Sources of Value Creation in Private Equity Buyouts of Private Firms || with Edie Hotchkiss and Erin Towery
Review of Finance, 2022, 26(2):257-285

Private Equity Buyouts and Workplace Safety || with Nicole Nestoriak and Malcolm Wardlaw
Review of Financial Studies, 2021, 34(10):4832-4875

A Project-Level Analysis of Value Creation in Firms || with Umit Gurun and Rabih Moussawi
Financial Management, 2020, 49(2):423-446

Financing Constraints and Workplace Safety || with Malcolm Wardlaw
Journal of Finance, 2016, 71(5):2017-2058

On Enhancing Shareholder Control: A (Dodd-) Frank Assessment of Proxy Access || with Stu Gillan and Jay Hartzell
Journal of Finance, 2016, 71(4):1623-1668

Do Stock Analysts Influence Merger Completion? An Examination of Post-Merger Announcement Recommendations || with David Becher and Jennifer Juergens
Management Science, 2015, 61(10): 2430-2448

The Evolution of Capital Structure and Operating Performance After Leveraged Buyouts: Evidence from U.S. Corporate Tax Returns || with Lillian Mills and Erin Towery
Journal of Financial Economics, 2014, 111(2): 469-494

How Much Do Analysts Influence Each Other's Forecasts? || with Jennifer Juergens
Quarterly Journal of Finance, 2014, 4(3)

Optimal Corporate Governance in the Presence of an Activist Investor || with Uday Rajan
Review of Financial Studies, 2013, 26(4): 985-1020

Working Papers
Credit Ratings: Strategic Issuer Disclosure and Optimal Screening || with Uday Rajan and GŁnter Strobl || March 2024

Past is Prologue: Inference from the Cross Section of Returns Around an Event || with Travis Johnson, Zack Liu, and Malcolm Wardlaw || January 2024

A Model of Informed Intermediation in the Market for Going Public || with Aydoğan Altı || September 2023

Capital Structure, Corporate Investment, and Investor-Level Taxes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Europe || with Sheridan Titman and Garry Twite || January 2023

Corporations and COVID-19 in the Workplace || with Lixiong Guo and Zhiyan Wang || July 2022

Corporate Taxes and Investment: The Cash Flow Channel || January 2011

The Temporal Structure of Equity Compensation || with Sugato Bhattacharyya || June 2009