Working Papers & Work in Progress


The following papers represent research projects either recently completed or currently in progress.  Clicking on any linked title will allow you to review an abstract and download a PDF version of the selected paper.

1.  The Decision to Concentrate: Active Management, Manager Skill, and Portfolio Size” (with C. Tiu and U. Yoeli), March 2017 

2.  Investment Style Volatility and Mutual Fund Performance” (with W. V. Harlow and H. Zhang), May 2015

3.  Spending Policies, Asset Allocation, and Investment Performance of University Endowments” (with C. Tiu), October 2014

4.  “The Use and Value of Financial Advisors: The Role of Retirement Income” (with W. V. Harlow), In Progress

5.  “Downside Risk and the Cross-Section of Asset Prices” (with W. V. Harlow and H. Zhang), In Progress


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