FIN 397.1  -  Investment Theory and Practice

To become a successful investor, an individual must command a considerable amount of financial market knowledge as well as a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative skills.  This course is designed to provide students with a solid conceptual and analytical basis for making investment decisions.  In addition to establishing a background for evaluating and managing financial risk and return dynamics, as well as how global capital markets are organized and function, the focus of the course will be on the examination and valuation of the major investment vehicles and strategies popular today.  In particular, we will consider how investors allocate their financial assets by forming, managing, and evaluating the performance of portfolios consisting of instruments such as stocks, bonds, alternative assets, futures and option contracts, exchange-traded funds and mutual funds. Although the ultimate objective will be to develop a theoretical background upon which the student can expand his or her knowledge of the field of investments, the topical treatment will be rather practically oriented.  This course is also appropriate for anyone contemplating a career as professional investment advisor, portfolio manager, or security analyst.


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