BA 324: Example Transmittal Letter


Consulting Team Name
Consulting Team Address


Client Name
Client Address

Dear Mr./Ms. Client:

Consulting Team X is grateful for the opportunity to help you improve
volunteer recruitment for Z Agency. We are submitting our final report for your review.

The goal of Consulting Team X was to present a number of recommendations to increase
the visibility of Z Agency in the community as well as improve the quality and fit of recruited
volunteers. Our proposed plan emphasizes improvements to your website and the addition
of an interview process for selecting volunteers.

Consulting Team X thanks you for all of your help and support during this project. We look
forward to discussing our research and recommendations with you next week. If you have
any questions or concerns before then, please contact me at 555-5555.


(client liason should sign)
Title and/or Consulting Team Name


xc.  team member 1, team member 2, team member 3