BA 324
Consulting Project Report, Transmittal Letter, and Project Evaluation Memos

Project evaluation memos should be submitted individually with an assignment cover sheet (see instructions below)

There is no coversheet for the consulting project report/transmittal letter, one report and letter are submitted per team, all team members names should be listed on the title page of the report.

Consulting report format is covered in-depth in FORMAL REPORT COMPONENTS.  Also consult lecture notes on formal report writing: Report Graphics and Writing Reports

The final consulting project report must include the following:

A letter of transmittal to your client. Example   This letter is paper-clipped to the outside of the report - not bound in the report. 

The final consulting project report must be bound Plan to make at least two bound copies of the report; one for your client and one for me.  Any form of binding is acceptable as long as the report is easy to read (please do not put your pages in plastic sleeves - it makes it hard to provide comments). You may wish to make additional bound sets for team member portfolios.  It is fine to make one bound copy for me to grade and wait to make the other bound copies after you rewrite (note the final report must be turned in on time to be eligible for a rewrite).

For reports including implementation and evaluation of an event or idea's success, put a discussion of the implementation process and the event in the beginning of the conclusions section, discuss what when well, what could go better next time, and summarize your conclusions addressing the SMART goal and challenge statement based on what you learned. Your recommendations section should cover your recommended actions for further refinement of your ideas and/or what should be changed/added for the next event.

Review lecture notes on report writing and/or Ch 14 of the Guffey text covering analytical reports. There are also several sample consulting project reports on reserve at the library.

The project report is generally 6-10 pages, single spaced, excluding appendices. There is no penalty for longer or shorter reports, as long as appropriate business writing style is used. 

The appendix should include items interesting to some, but not all, readers (e.g. questionnaires, budgets, implementation details, etc) The following items must be included in the appendix (in any order):

  • Team agreement
  • Client proposal signed by the client (a copy is ok, doesn't need to be the original)
  • Questionnaires (if applicable)
  • Reference list (any secondary literature or websites cited/consulted as well as primary research sources for interviews, etc.).  Formatting of this list should follow APA or MLA requirements
  • PowerPoint slide place marker.  Note slides on the appendix title page, but it is NOT required to complete your slides when you turn in your report.  However, you do want to include them when you give your report to your client.  You will turn in your slides to me on the day you present your project.

Project Evaluation Memos

Each individual team member must write a one to two page memo addressed to me including your personal feedback on the consulting project.  This memo is turned in on the day of the project presentation.  Please address the following:

Scoring Guide:  9-10 =   Outstanding, one of the best you have ever seen
                          7-8 =  Very Good, you would gladly work with them again
                          5-6 =  Competent, you had a few issues, but there were enough good qualities to lead you to want to
                                    work with them again
                          3-4 =  Serious issues, while the person has some redeeming qualities, you would try to avoid
                                    working with them again
                          1-2 =  Very serious issues, you would avoid working with this person again if at all possible

                                                    Work Quality/Quantity            Interpersonal/Teamwork Skills

        Team Member Names



This assignment is required, but not graded.  Failure to turn in this memo will result in a 10 point deduction from the individual's consulting project grade.