FIN 397.1  -  Investment Theory and Practice

Links to Useful Websites


The following websites (which are listed in no particular order) contain current market prices and other useful information about the economy, financial securities, investment strategies, and financial databases:

General Resources:

Stock-Trak Portfolio Simulations (a site that provides a fee-based portfolio trading simulation service as well as some free stock analysis)

Investor Words (a free on-line glossary of over 6,000 investment-related words and terms)

Leeds on Finance  (an excellent blog containing analysis of current financial market issues maintained by Professor Sandy Leeds)

Financial & Economic Information:

Daily Stocks (a useful collection of information and screening tools for equity securities, mutual funds, and market indices)

Investopedia (great for finding definitions and tutorials about investment concepts and terms; think of it as a finance-oriented Wikipedia)

Yahoo! Finance (another useful collection of information and screening tools for financial securities and markets)

The Street (a good site for economic news, fundamental stock research, and stock quotes)

BigCharts (an excellent source for fundamental research and graphics for common stocks; also provides market news and commentary on a daily basis)

The Motley Fool (a popular site for investment discussion groups, explanations of investment strategies, and fundamental stock analysis; “To Educate, Amuse & Enrich”)

Free Lunch (offers over one million economic and financial time series for free and easy downloading and charting)

Marketvector (offers historical and forecasted data for several key economic variables and stock market indicators)

Fama-French Risk Factors (maintained by Professor Ken French at Dartmouth University, this site offers the monthly, quarterly, and annual data series on the market portfolio, SMB, and HML risk factors widely used in security analysis)

Seeking Alpha (provides stock market analysis and opinions, including a link to a summary of Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money” picks)

Financial Press & Database Information:

Reuters Investing (financial information on individual companies and markets from the provider of the Telerate on-line service)

Bloomberg Financial (provides comprehensive coverage of global financial markets as well as archived audio and video interviews with investment and industry experts)

Smart Money (a good source for analysis of general market conditions and portfolio management strategies; the "Living Yield Curve" is particularly interesting)

Dow Jones (includes links to Wall Street Journal Interactive and Barron's as well as information about stock market indicators)

Investor's Business Daily (a good collection of feature stories about the stock market; also provides diagnostic quizzes to assess your investing IQ)

USA Today-Money Section (the electronic version of the newspaper's financial section, featuring articles, columns, and data about world financial markets)

CNN Money (a website provided by the editors of CNN and Money magazine that has a good set of investment tools, including a basic asset allocation calculator)

Business Week (the on-line version of one the most useful business periodicals; also a good source for information about and rankings of MBA programs)

Fortune Magazine (excellent feature stories about financial markets and individual companies; also includes their annual ranking of America's Most Admired Companies; published by CNN Money)

The Economist (outstanding analysis of political, social, and economic events throughout the world)

Derivatives Strategy (a good collection of articles focusing on global risk management issues from a U.S. perspective)

Financial Information Services:

Morningstar, Inc. (a collection of statistics and ratings about stocks and mutual funds from a leading provider of independent investment information)

Moody's Investor Services (provides credit ratings and analysis for products in the public debt and risk management markets)

Standard & Poor's (excellent information about current credit ratings for companies and countries as well as the leading stock market indices)

Stern Stewart (the leading source of information about the economic value added (EVA) and market value added (MVA) valuation tools)

Hoover's Online Company Profiles (an excellent source of background information and news on company organization and operations; also includes discussions of industry trends)

U. S. Securities & Exchange Commission (the SEC's EDGAR database contains electronic versions of many useful, mandatory company filings (e.g., 10-K))

Zacks Investment Research (access to company and industry reports from professional financial analysts, as well as the brokerage firm buy lists)

Trade Associations:

American Association of Individual Investors (a site maintained by a not-for-profit organization devoted to providing financial information and analysis to non-professional investors)

CFA Institute (a basic information site from the trade association that sponsors the Chartered Financial Analyst program and other industry-related advocacy efforts)

Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (the website of the largest association of bond brokers and dealers, containing excellent economic research and fixed-income trade statistics)

Investment Company Institute (a great site for statistical and qualitative information about the mutual fund industry from the industry's leading trade association)

International Swaps and Derivatives Association (an informative site maintained by the leading trade association for over-the-counter derivatives dealers)

Security Exchanges:

NYSE Euronext (excellent access to information concerning the leading stock exchange group in the world  which recently acquired the American Stock Exchange, the pioneer in the development of ETFs)

NASDAQ (offers comprehensive information about the structure of and companies that trade on the preeminent over-the-counter stock market)

CME Group  (overview of the operations and futures-related products of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade) 

Chicago Board Options Exchange  (great information about option products and strategies from the leading options exchange in the world)