Andres Donangelo


Labor Mobility: Implications for Asset Pricing, [Internet Appendix], [data]

      Journal of Finance, June 2014, 68(3), 1321-1346.
      Winner of the Trefftzs Award for the Best Student Paper, WFA 2011

Labor Leverage and the Value Premium (2015), (with Francois Gourio and Miguel Palacios)

Industry Concentration and Markup: Implications for Asset Pricing (2015), (with M. Cecilia Bustamante)

Product Market Competition and Industry Returns (2014), (with M. Cecilia Bustamante), (partially subsumed by working paper "Industry Concentration and Markup: Implications for Asset Pricing"), [Internet Appendix]

Aggregate Asset-Pricing Implications of Human Capital Mobility in General Equilibrium (2011), (with Esther Eiling and Miguel Palacios)

Assistant Professor of Finance

McCombs School of Business, UT Austin

University of Texas at Austin

1 University Station; B6600

Austin, TX 78712